Trivoli School

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Trivoli School
submitted by Ginger Engler



Class of 1924

Starting with the top row...

Earl Harper, Helen Dumars, Anita Plummer, Jay Morin, John Bane,
Goldie Weeks, Vioila Franks, and Ed Anderson

Cecil Connel, Jerry Huffman, Dorothy Williamson, Eloise Andrews, Lucill Williamson,
?? Harper, ?? Anserson, Donald McKeever, and Dean Spangler

Unknown, Walter Carlson, Elwyn Spanger, Dick Anderson, Bob Anderson,
Rollin Dumars, Kenneth ??, and Hildegard Huffman

Eleanor Huffman, Letha Williamson, Laura Jane Williamson, Leslie Stein,
Marjorie Fahey, Loraine Stalter, and Eileen McKeever

Teachers: Helen Davis Mr. Wells

submitted by Pater Yancick


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