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We need help identifying some of the students in these class pictures...which I bought at an auction.
The child's handwriting on the back of these pictures was very hard to read!
Drop us an email sometime...we'd love to hear from you!
Thank you for your help!

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Washington School: 1945
submitted by Elise McKenna



Grade 4     April 25, 1938

Top Row:
(left to right)

Second Row
Third Row
Bottom Row
Donald Collins Delores Crune? Miss Wilson ?
? Komman Mary Dredos? Velma Cundiff Duane W.
? Wunsbrough Mary Ann Kemper Martha Stewart Arthur Allen
Robert Walden Barbara Lonsdale Virginia Brown Frank Mullen
Ray Loasy? June Teasue? Marilyn DeGraff Frank Joos
John Nixon Patsy Yarrington Patsy Michael Theodore Back?
David Mitchell Patricia Jones Nancy Shively Sherman Poland
Edward Komman Marilyn Erickson Christine Fleming Grolan McNear?
Alan Harkrader Jacqueline William Geraldine Brown Jack Blackmon
Jack Miller Betty Hill Shirley Lewis Billy Bruce
Paul Sherhildsen Ella Mae Neilson Dorothy Folkere Jimmy Higgs
Gregg Wright Ouida Porter Mary Jane Brown Leroy Palrick
  Ina Lee Woodson Norma Jeanne ?  
  Doris Frye Evaline ?  
    Miss ? (teacher)  



Grade 4   May 23, 1939

Top Row:
(left to right)
Second Row
Third Row
Bottom Row
Ar?? L. Artis J. Delores? Billy?
Carl G. Beverly C. ?ance B. Fred
Louis H. Martha S. Mary B. Wes C.
Richard W. Patsy A. Marilyn Geo.
Larry C. Loselee A. Darlene W. Jimmy R.
Billy D. Diane Evelyn Geo. P.
Donald S. Carolyn Norma S.  
Harry S. Bernice Ruth C.  
Walter M. Virginia Geraldine R.  
Frank W. Jimmy D.    



Grade 5    May 23, 1939


No names listed except for the fifth boy on the top row is Sherman Poland.




Grade 5    May, 1940

Top Row:
(left to right)
Middle Row
Bottom Row
Geo. Poland Gene P. Ruth C.
Wesley C. ? Marilyn
Louis H. Darlene H. Evelyn J.
Henry C. Peggy Kats Barbra
John G. Delores H. Mary B.
Richard Walker Billy D. Virginia D.
Curtis J. Fred H. Dolores R.
Frank W. Billy L. Beatrice W.




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