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Here are a few tools that might help you with your research.


Birth date calculator
Soundex code calculator
Age calculator (just for fun)
Free Census Sheets (offsite)
List of old occupations (offsite)
Day of the Week birth date calculator
Legal dictionary (to help understand wills, etc.)


Age Calculator


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Soundex Calculator

This will convert a surname to the corresponding soundex code (4 characters). Type the name in the SURNAME box and click the SOUNDEX button. The Soundex code will be displayed in the RESULT box.

Enter a Surname:

Soundex Result:





Birth Date Calculator

This is a handy tool will calculate birth dates from the death date
& age at the time of that many old tombstones show.
You must fill in all blanks for the "age" row.
If you don't know the month or day, enter 0.



Month Length:






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To perform your calculation ---->

written by Ben Buckner



On what day of the week was your ancestor born?

Enter the birthday and then hit the "Update" button.

Numeric Month (1-12):

Day of Month (1-31):

Year (eg. 1960):

Date of Birth:

Day of Week:


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