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Section 16, Logan Township

Atlas Map of Peoria County, Illinois, 1873, page 164


     Logan township was settled in the year 1830. The first settler was an old Indian trader by the name of Triall, who located in the lower end of the township in that year. In 1831 Peter Mayward came and settled near him. In 1832 James Harker, J. G. S. Bohanan and Mr. Buck arrived. In 1833 J. I. Runkle, Thos. Phillips and H. J. Heaton came. In 1835 T. P. Smith, John Vanarsdall, Richard Bourne, George Sturgess and Seth Sturgess came. In 1836 and '37 M. A. Gardner, Wm. Forbes and Wm. Stratton settled in the township.
     The first child born was Henry Smith, son of Thos. P. Smith, in the year 1834. The first marriage was that of James Harker Jr. to Miss Susan Van Patten in the year 1834. The first church service was held at the house of Thos. Lane. The first church was organized in Tunber [Timber?] township in the year 1840, and was removed to Smithville in the year 1853. The first school was taught by Dr. Clark, in the Winter of 1836, in a log school-house on section 36.
     The schools of Logan township are second to none in the county outside of the city of Peoria. Their buildings are in good repair, and first-class teachers are employed.
     The northern and center portion of the township is fine farming land. The southern portion, though broken, is interspersed with some fine farms.


is situated on section 22, near the center of the township. Was laid out and platted by Thomas P. Smith. It is a village of about two hundred inhabitants. There are two general stores. J. B. Miller & Son have the leading business, and carry a stock of $3,500. J. H. Lucas deals in drugs, patent medicines, paints and oils, hardware, queensware and general merchandise. He established the house in 1871, and handles a stock of $3,000. There are two churches, two blacksmith shops, and a good, comfortable school building in the place.
     The Harmony Church, Smithville, was organized in the year 1836, by Rev. John Wallace, with ten constituent members. Rev. Andrew Fulton was its first pastor. The original officers were: John McFadden, Thos. P. Smith, Thomas and F. Smith. The society has built two houses of worship, the first in an early day, costing $500, and the one in present use, at a cost of about $2,500. The church now numbers fifty-two members, officered by John M. Pinkerton, James and B. Miller. John Harper is the present pastor.
     The United Presbyterian Church, of Bethel, was organized in the school-house in District No. 2, June 3, 1853, by a committee of the Associate Reformed Church of Illinois, (Second Presbytery,) consisting of Wm. E. R. Erskine, minister, and Robt. Pinkerton, ruling elder, with thirty members. Original officers — John McCollough and James Pinkerton; ruling elders, Samuel Wiley, Samuel S. Glasgow, and N. C. Patton; Robert G. Patton, recording clerk and treasurer. Present church officers — John Harper, minister; Thos. E. Patton, Stewart Glasgow, Wm. S. McCollough, ruling elders; J. P. Wiley, treasurer; J. A. McCollough, recording clerk. S. Glasy is Sabbath school superintendent.
     The first church was built in 1854, a frame building thirty by forty feet. The first pastor was Rev. Philip H. Drennen, who was settled in the Spring of 1855, and resigned in the Spring of 1857. Rev. Elijah McCoy was called in the Fall of 1858 and remained until 1865. In the Autumn of 1867 Rev. T. P. Proudfit was installed as pastor, and remained until the Spring of 1871, when the congregation united with the Harmony congregation of Smithville, Ills., under one pastoral charge. In the Spring of 1878 the Rev. John Harper was settled as pastor of the congregation of Bethel and Harmony in which position he remains. In the Summer of 1874 the congregation erected a frame church, thirty-four by fifty-two feet, at a cost of $3,011.20.
     In 1858 the United Presbyterian Church was formed by the unions of the Associate, and the Associate Reformed churches of North America. The church is in a prosperous condition, with a membership of fifty-two.
     Kinney M. E. Church. — The first class was formed about the year 1840, and consisted of eighteen members. The first pastor was Wm. Pitnar. After holding services a few years in private houses a rude school-house was built, which was used, until in 1848 a brick church was erected. This building was occupied twenty years. Under the pastorage of J. L. Ferris, (1869,) the old church was pulled down and a neat and commodious frame building erected on the old site, at the cost of about $2,200, and was dedicated by Rev. J. H. Rhea, D. D. The church is well finished and furnished, including a good organ. There are at the present time forty-three members. L. V. Weaber is pastor. The official members are: W. 0. Norval, located preacher and class leader ; G. W. Dumans, Sr., local preacher; W. C. Green, steward and trustee; W. T. Dumans, steward; T. C. Smith, Geo. W. Dumas. Jr., and Alex. P. Parr, trustees.
     Smithville M. E. Church. — The first class was formed in 1850. The number of members being seven, viz.: B. Kline and wife, Richard Taylor and wife, Alfred Reeves and wife, and a young man named Grinnard. For some time services were held in an old log school-house, Rev. Mr. Humphrey being the first preacher. The church building now in use was erected in 1854 and is now valued at about $800. It is not large, but within is cheerful. There is no indebtedness on the church property. Number of members at present time is twenty-five. A flourishing Sabbath school is sustained. The parsonage for the Smithville circuit is good property valued at $1,000. L. V. Webber is the present pastor. Gideon Wondee is class leader and trustee. F. M. Tipton recording steward and trustee. Luther Couch, steward and trustee, and Sunday school superintendent.
     Salem Presbyterian Church. — Was organized May 9, 1850, near Smithville, by a committee appointed by Peoria Presbytery, consisting of Rev. Samuel C. McCune and Wm. McCandish. The organization was composed of the following named persons, Wm. Brooks and Elizabeth Brooks, Wm. Stewart, and Sarah J. Stewart, James H. Patterson and Isabella M. Patterson, Wm. A. Brooks, nine persons in all. William Stewart and Jas. H. Patterson were chosen ruling elders, and duly ordained and installed on that day. The first sacramental service was held May 26, 1850, at which time nine persons were added upon certificates of membership from other churches. The place of meeting was a little brick school-house which occupied the place now adorned by the present more commodious one in District No. 7. There had been a former organization of a Presbyterian church in this community, known as the LaMarsh Presbyterian Church, as far as now can be ascertained, it was organized during the Spring of 1848, and was suffered to go into dissolution for some cause. The church building was erected about 1856, and during the ministry of Rev. J. C. Hanna, who was the first regular pastor the church had. The value may be estimated at $1,200 to $1,500. Within the past nine years a neat cottage parsonage has been erected at about the same expense. The church has a Sabbath school in which one man, Mr. S. W. Brooks, has been the superintendent for almost twenty-five years. The present pastor, Wm. Kerry has officiated almost ten years The present membership numbers seventy-five. There is a Women's Foreign Mission Society organization which proves an efficient helper to the society. (The History of Peoria County, Illinois, 1880, page 604-606, submitted by Janine Crandell)



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