Rosefield Township History


Residence and Stock Farm of Chas W. Spangler
Section 18, Rosefield Township,
(For sale 380 acres)
Atlas Map of Peoria County, Illinois, 1873, page 136


     This township first was settled about the year 1833, by Amos Stevens, who located at the Kickapoo Forks, and built the first log cabin and broke the first prairie. Winney Rynearson and a brother of A. Stevens came in shortly after. John and David Combs, Lewis Cooledge, and Wm. Mixon came in 1835; Benjamin Miller and Joseph Bohrer a year later. The first church was a Methodist, organized in 1837. The first school-house was built in section 8, in 1838. Roswell Smith was the first teacher in the school-house; but the first school was held in a private house, taught by Martha Miller, daughter of Benjamin Miller, in the year 1837. The township is generally broken, except in the southwest corner, where some beautiful farms and good substantial farmers are to be found.


     The village of Oak Hill is situated on the C., B. & Q. R. R., about twenty miles from Peoria, in Rosefield township. It was laid out and platted by Joseph Bohrer and Wm. M. Dodge, in 1855. Mr. Bohrer was born in Frederick county, Va., on the 9th day of May, 1805. Was married February, 1829, to Harriet Dawson, and lived in Morgan county, Va., until 1836, when he emigrated to Illinois and located in Rosefield township. There is at present three general stores, one owned and occupied by A. Y. Forney, who commenced business in 1865, who also has been postmaster about the same length of time. Mr. Jacob Dawson has been in business since the C., B. & Q. passed through, most of the time dealing in stock and grain; but at present in the mercantile business. W. W. Miller owns and occupies one of the stores. He came to the township among the earliest settlers. There is one church (Methodist); a good school building; two black­smith shops and one warehouse.
     In 1865 the camp ground of the M. E. Church was bought by the Peoria district, where thousands of people congregate yearly to worship. It is situated a short distance northwest of town, in a beautiful grove, and has a fine spring of water on the ground.
     Oak Hill Church.—In 1837 or '38, the first M. E. Church was organized on section 14, and known as the Combs meeting-house. Since that time the church has gone to decay. The church at Oak Hill was organized in 1845, and held their meetings in a school-house until 1858, when they erected a church edifice under the supervision of Rev. G. R. Palmer, and at that time had a membership of about sixty. The board of officers were Cutten Dawson, Daniel Brown, Austin Nixon, Jacob Gunth, Isaac Wethrell, W. W. Miller, A. Dawson; and building committee, Austin Nixon, W. W. Miller, J. Dawson; class leader was A. Nixon, after the new church was built. The cost of building was $1,200. Rev. C. W. Green has charge of the church, and is doing a good work. Has a school building 28x36, 16 feet C., and the attendance is forty. School is conducted by Miss Ida Burt.
     The Methodist Church at Texas. — This church was organized in Rosefield township, in 1854, and is known as the Wrigley Church. The original members were ten in number. The first class leader was Joseph Dunn. Trustees were Robert Wrigley and Henry Robins. The first pastor was J. M. Snyder. For the first few years the society worshiped in a brick school-house. Their present church was built some time about 1860, a frame building, 26x34 feet, and will accommodate between 200 and 250. It cost $1,600.
     Rosefield M. E. Church. — The first Methodist class within the vicinity of the present church edifice was formed in 1844, or perhaps a year or two earlier with twelve original members. The first church edifice was built in 1854; and in 1874 was abandoned and a new church erected across the road, costing $1,650, and was dedicated by Rev. R. N. Morse. Although the building is not large, it is however, neat and attractive, and the church is free from debt. The house is supplied with a good organ. At the present time the membership is twenty-four. Nelson Shepherd is class leader and Sunday school superintendent; John Yinger, steward; and these with John VanAnsdall, trustees. The pastors have been the same as at Pleasant Grove with few exceptions, prior to 1850.
     Rosefield Farmer's Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Company. — This corporation is composed of the resident farmers of the towns of Rosefield, Elmwood, Trivoli and Logan, who organized themselves together under the State laws enacted March 24,1874, for the purpose of mutual protection against loss or damage by fire or lightning. The first election occurred on the 6th of March, 1875, when the following Board of Directors was chosen: J. H. Hart, James Richardson, S. S. Glasgow, N. Huffman, Thomas Lapsley, A, J. McFarland, John Yinger, J. J. Harding and Thomas Clinch. On March 13, following, the directors elected J. H. Hart, president, Thomas Clinch, treasurer, and O. B. Green, secretary. At the date of organization the schedule of property upon which policies were issued aggregated sixty-three thousand dollars. The business office of the company is located at the school-house of District No. 3 in Logan township, Peoria county. (The History of Peoria County, Illinois, 1880, pages 615-617, submitted by Janine Crandell)

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